Thanks for reading the Introductory post about Choosing Change, Choosing Change #1 and Choosing Change #2. In the previous post, Choosing Change #2: So what’s my reasonable contribution to your change process? (Part 1 of 2), I asked you to consider the question above and introduced a concept called the “66%-33% Solution.” With the 66% part […]

Thanks for reading the Introductory post about Choosing Change and Choosing Change #1. So as a Psychotherapist, but more importantly, as a human being who cares about others, I’d like for you to consider the following question: What’s my (Dr. McGill’s) reasonable contribution to your change, healing and growth process?  Embedded in this question are other questions: […]

Thanks for reading the Introductory post in the Choosing Change series. If you’ve seen any of the Star Wars™ movies more than likely you’ll remember the scene depicted in the photo above from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Obi-Wan Kenobi has just rescued an injured Luke Skywalker from the dreaded sand people and R2-D2, […]

Let me welcome you to a series of posts that I’m calling “Choosing Change.” I’m writing about this subject for multiple reasons, but primarily because I wish to provide you with my thoughts regarding how we change, what helps us to change, what impedes our change and how to sustain positive change in order to develop, grow […]

I started working as a Staff Psychotherapist at the University Counseling Center at Azusa Pacific University  when my daughter was 5 and my son was a one-year old. My wife and I can’t believe that next year he’ll be heading off to a college campus, which is where many of you, as a student or […]

I awakened with these lyrics playing in my mind: “It is finished, He has done it, life conquered death, Jesus Christ, has done it!” It’s no doubt that people have been praying for Leslie, Gabriel and I as today marks the 8th year since Marissa went home to be with Jesus, and in the processed […]

I was introduced to this book by Dr. John Powell during my Sophomore year in College in a class called Personality Development. Little did I know at the time that it would have a profound impact on my life and I can safely say on the lives of countless others who I have met through […]